We all know how the smartphone designs are evolving at the moment. With the launch of the IPhone X (*and it’s awful notch), a lot of bezel-less, low-priced phones from Chinese companies seem to have emerged. Some of the known brands include Xiaomi and Doogee. Some other mid-range priced phones with amazing specifications have also risen. The Oneplus 5 and Oneplus 5T are great examples to prove that it’s possible to keep prices low while keeping the power and speeds up.

First of all watch the official teaser video of the Vivo APEX and then jump in the rest of the article:

Well, here are the great news. Vivo, “the father company of Oneplus”, is already quite known for doing great design and feature discoveries for future smartphones. But this time they took it to another level by getting rid of multiple problems caused by the lack of space on the front of a bezel-less phone.

Firstly, they have found a way to implement the much speculated on-screen fingerprint scanner. This could also potentially be seen as great news to Oneplus users as the Oneplus 6 is very likely to have similar features. This technology was also first showcased by Vivo almost 1 year ago, that also means that they redeemed enough time to develop a more reliable security authentication method…

Secondly, they’ve also implemented a fully functional front-facing selfie camera for social-media users by using a clever trick. They put a “camera flap” on the top of the phone that opens automatically when the front camera is used. This can also be seen as a great step forward for all those people out there that are like me and who like privacy. See also my article about the best tools to stay anonymous on the internet.

Lastly, they managed to fit in all of the other sensors that are required for a smartphone to be a smartphone! These include the proximity sensor which allows you to automatically close the screen of the phone when it detects that you face is near the phone. Talking of phone calls, the earpiece was neglected on the concept/demonstration of the phone, we think that they will be able to somehow emulate sound normally coming out of the earpiece via the main speakers that seem to have been left untouched. Best of all, no need for that ugly notch like on the Iphone X.

As a result we are left behind with a phone that sounds and IS crazy. With the predicted bezel sizes, we calculated a total of 98% screen-to-body ratio! But let’s not forget that this is a concept only, it’s like a way for the company to get it’s future customers’ attention and get them excited. But the thing is, that the phone itself was presented in the MWC 2018 (Mobile World Congress) 2018 and here is their own webpage giving more detailed information on their concept.

Here is how the final product looks like:

All in all, I am extremely excited to see similar fresh designs from phone manufacturers and I am looking forward to doing a review of this phone when it comes out. Please share to help us and don’t hesitate to comment, because I want to know your reaction!


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