Hello, today I will show you something that a lot of IOS users (especially YouTubers) want to know :

Can I record my Iphone/Ipad screen from my computer?

And yes! You knew it, it IS possible! And actually it is pretty SIMPLE. Because you don’t even need to download a third party program, if you have a mac with Yosemite or higher installed, you will have an app that can simply record from your iPhone screen! It’s called QuickTime player, and YES you have already heard of it, but it is actually only known by mac users as an app that plays movies and videos BUT it is NOT limited to! It can also record your iPhone:

First of all, start by launching up QuickTime player by going into the “Spotlight Search” at the right up corner of your screen:

and write in “QuickTime” there should be QuickTime player”.

Once you launch the app, it’s normal not to have any window opened because to record your screen, you should go into your toolbar at the top of your screen and click on “file”–>”new movie recording” like shown here:

Then in the box that just showed up, click on the little icon nearby the red record circle button:

and under the camera subtitle choose your iPhone (in this example we are using Peter’s iPhone):


You should now see your screen of the iPhone and click the red record button like below:

Good recordings! Please leave a comment if this helped you! And of course, don’t forget to share this with your friends!



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