Battery draining fast?

Hello. today we will talk about how to improve the battery life of your phone. In this article we will abord the well-known problem of the battery of any smartphone. In these days, companies are trying to find better batteries for these small machines but it is pretty difficult, so some people started inventing portable rechargeable batteries. But the problem with these batteries is that it really isn’t practical and people prefer not to get one. Well we have some tips for you to improve the battery life of your smartphone! If you’re an android user, then you WILL actually see a quite big difference. If you’re an IOS user, no problem, this article can be helpful for you too!

Tip 1: See what’s consuming more!

So first of all, you should look at the apps that are using the most battery life. To do that, android will be your best choice because of it’s settings that can tell which app is consuming more. While IOS users must experiment which app is using your battery by just closing some social media apps an so on…

On android, go to settings –> battery and you should see a listing of the apps that consume power, see the example below:

android battery settings

This is on the well known android lollipop, but depending on your android version, the look of your settings may differ.

Tip 2: Use the life-saving, power saving mode!

One of the features that android users don’t know about is actually the power saving mode which can save your life. This cool option enables you the possibility of letting your phone look what consumes power and closes the apps working in the background. This great feature is not included in IOS but some developers are working on applications that could implement this feature in IOS too!

android power saving mode

Tip 3: Manually stop apps running in the background.

Android also offers you the possibility of manually stopping apps running in the background by simply going into the settings–> apps–> running apps and see the running services that you can then stop by pressing the “force stop” button. iOS unfortunately doesn’t offer this feature.

android running background apps

Tip 4: Never use live wallpapers when on battery power

Did you ever think that live wallpapers on your android lock screen was cool? Well, we all admit that it’s cool, but it’s down part is that it’s really eating a HUGE amount of your battery life. So just go into your lock screen wallpaper settings and put a normal wallpaper. IOS users usually don’t have the option of setting a live wallpaper, so it isn’t a problem for them…

android live wallpaper

Tip 5: Always dim your screen brightness when you don’t need it! – Never in automatic brightness!

A lot of people actually think that automatic brightness saves power, BUT IS ACTUALLY DOESN’T. The automatic brightness is a feature that eats your battery life because your light sensors are always on and trying to detect how much there’s light in your environment which consumes a lot of battery, the same thing is useful in IOS.

Tip 6: Don’t forget to update your apps!

This tip may sometimes be very useful because developers always try to optimise their apps for using less battery life… The same tip can be useful in IOS.

android google play store update apps

Tip 7: Read reviews before getting a phone!

Always try to read the reviews on the phone you’d like to buy, because in most of the cases, the performance from the battery life point of view differs widely! Unfortunately IOS users don’t have the choice for phone…

android reviews

Tip 8: The cellular and Wifi strength matters!

Did you know that any smartphone used more power to get the signal from your cellular provider when the strength was weak? Some people do even believe that even on wifi, smartphones consume more battery!

smartphone cellular data

Tip 9: Always turn off unwanted features!

Most people forget to turnoff their wit after disconnecting from an access point and this can be a battery life issue as well as a security issue because machines constantly search for nearby wifi networks! The same thing for bluetooth, most people don’t know how much it impacts the battery life of your phone!

android features

Tip 10: Get the right charger! – No exceptions!

Most people want to get cheap chargers without knowing the problems that it can cause in te future. Most people start complaining of “fast draining battery” when getting new chargers even though it maybe charges faster… The thing is that some unofficial chargers on the market are sold cheaper but do damage to your phone! The best tip is to always get the official charger from the official store of your phone vendor!

samsung battery charger


Hope this helps, comment is you have other tips!!!



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