So a lot of people want to record their screen for free but they don’t know how to do it so we’re gonna teach you how to do it easily and for free!

REMINDER: This tutorial is just for windows users, not for mac, if you need the tutorial to the mac one here’s the link:

First you need to download these:

NOTE: You don’t actually need to download all of these, they are just options and also choose the right version for your computer and you need to download a cracked license key. We are not responsible of any kind of damage during the process, this does not mean that these tools will harm your device.

-OBS(Open Broadcaster Software)  Studio or the original one

-Classic:                                      Studio:

-Xsplit gamecaster(or you can download Xsplit Broadcaster for streaming)

-Shadowplay (for Nvidia GPU users)

NOTE:You need to download GeForce Experience then you can use Shadowplay within the software

Our Opinion:We highly recommend OBS because you can stream and record without needing any other software

From now on you can do it by yourself but we will explain so download all of the necessary files

Steps (In-Order)

Run the files and wait until the download is finished

When your done with the download, you can set your hotkeys and migrate your twitch account so you can stream(only for obs) and play with the settings to find what suits you and your done!


-OBS: Easy to use, you can stream on it as well, mute desktop sound(so you can record while listening to music and it wont take the sound), easy to add overlays and other images, easy to do facecam/hand/keyboard cam

-Shadowplay: You upload clips you haven’t recorded(which is a great feature) and it lets you know if your recording or not

-Xsplit: Super simple to use, you change the quality, doesn’t affect your fps that much you can add overlays and stuff, you can add facecam easily

Thanks for reading another tutorial from the Code In Green community, please let us know in the comments if you have any problems, questions or even suggestions.


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