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Top 5 easy ways to fight email spammers

Spam is one of the main reasons for which people think twice before giving their email addresses to websites, but actually there are tools that can help you to fight spam.We all know how spam mails suck. But actually, there is some permanent solutions to stop...

Beware: Facebook can be able to read your mind!

We all know that mind-reading is something that people think as impossible. Bot you know what? THINK AGAIN! The well known social media Facebook confirmed it’s starting to develop some of the most advanced technology yet for a social media; mind-reading!We all are able...

Facebook accelerates its hunt against fake news

In a few days, Facebook will display a sign on its homepage to help users detect and fight against fake news. Lately, Germany has almost legislated the issue!Facebook want's to get really different from other social medias. A lot of people think that the...

Your iCloud password is in danger: a hacker group demands Apple to pay

Hey everyone, today, we are going to talk about the most important security issue of your apple iCloud account at this moment: Your password may be in danger!Apple has received a ransom that claimed that a hacker group had access to over 800 million...

How to test your website’s security – The Complete Guide – ZAP

Hello and welcome to the Complete Guide on testing your website's security, before we begin, I would like to precise that in this tutorial, I'm going to show a program that allows website users or security professionals to test the security of their website,...

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