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Best app to clean-up space for mobile photographers

Do you have a great phone with great photo quality but keep on deleting your last take just because you haven't got enough place? Or are you a daily smartphone user that can't install an app because of the storage limitations of your device?...

MacOS High Sierra now supports external GPU

Have you ever owned a mac and always felt separated from the world of gaming? If yes - then we've got good news for you! Until now, getting external GPUs to add some power to your Windows computers wasn't difficult if someone had the...

World’s first fully bezel-less phone (almost)

We all know how the smartphone designs are evolving at the moment. With the launch of the IPhone X (*and it's awful notch), a lot of bezel-less, low-priced phones from Chinese companies seem to have emerged. Some of the known brands include Xiaomi and...

6 great websites worth a visit

There is an unimaginable amount of content on the web, from cooking tips to life hacks. But did you ever find yourself surfing the internet looking out aimlessly to find new ideas, creative content or simply for having fun? Well here's a short list...

Google Chrome starts blocking annoying ads

Have you already been annoyed by some websites displaying ads that have a bad impact on the user experience? Because one thing I know is that I did... That's why Google's extremely popular web browser, Chrome will automatically start blocking ads that don't meet...

The new Nokia 8 has the “bothie” feature

We now know what a top of the line Nokia android phone looks like; the freshly released Nokia 8.The phone comes with a 5.30-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1440 pixels by 2560 pixels at a PPI of 554 pixels per inch. The...

Best tools to browse the Internet securely and anonymously

We all want a minimum amount of privacy when we search some information about something on the internet. Moreover, we can use sensitive information such as passwords to login on websites and people tend to use the same passwords on multiple websites (and that's the problem!)....

Top 5 easy ways to fight email spammers

Spam is one of the main reasons for which people think twice before giving their email addresses to websites, but actually there are tools that can help you to fight spam.We all know how spam mails suck. But actually, there is some permanent solutions to stop...

Beware: Facebook can be able to read your mind!

We all know that mind-reading is something that people think as impossible. Bot you know what? THINK AGAIN! The well known social media Facebook confirmed it’s starting to develop some of the most advanced technology yet for a social media; mind-reading!We all are able...

Facebook accelerates its hunt against fake news

In a few days, Facebook will display a sign on its homepage to help users detect and fight against fake news. Lately, Germany has almost legislated the issue!Facebook want's to get really different from other social medias. A lot of people think that the...

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