Do you have a great phone with great photo quality but keep on deleting your last take just because you haven’t got enough place? Or are you a daily smartphone user that can’t install an app because of the storage limitations of your device? Well here is the best/most straightforward app to clean your files and keep them organized.

I’m introducing you to Duplicate Files Fixer by Systweak Software:

The name might sound a little too obvious and common, but when you dive into the details, you will see what the 1 Million downloads mark is all about.

No ads? Check!

We know how ads can be annoying especially those full screen ones that usually appear in similar tools such as Clean Master. But it’s kind of amazing to see a free app that hasn’t got ads nor in-app purchases (so it’s completely free!). To be sincere, I’ve waited quite a long time to see an equivalent to this app, one that really does what it claims to do, one that’s not bloated with Chinese malware (Sorry @ RAM Cleanup, you earlier versions were really terrible XD) and that’s free. After trying at least 20 apps, I was brought attention to this one by it’s developer team and I would like to thank them a lot for the info!

Simple? Check!

The one thing that I like at Apple is the simplicity of their products and it’s also the only thing that I miss in the Android side, but that is compensated through customizability. This app has both! Through the simple UI, that has a little (but quick!) intro and you feel at home. When I say it’s straightforward, I mean reallt mean it, “even your grandmother can learn to use it!” You’re presented with 5 options to choose from to choose the type of files that will be later scanned:

Reliable? Check!

To be fair, until now, there was nothing special other than the fact that there were no intrusive ads popping everywhere on the screen. But there still was the most important part: detection. Well, no surprise you’re reading this, but I can say that it was among the best:

As you can see, the results were impressive, around 700MB files were found on my phone, which isn’t a surprise with my 128gb ROM Oneplus 5 anyways…


Summing up…

From the straightforwardness to the performance, everything worked superbly in my case, so I have no shame in recommending this app for all you smartphone photographers out there! Download it here: DOWNLOAD

NOTE:This review is by no way influenced by sponsors, honest articles for life 😉

Don’t hesitate to share your thought in the comments section below!


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