There is an unimaginable amount of content on the web, from cooking tips to life hacks. But did you ever find yourself surfing the internet looking out aimlessly to find new ideas, creative content or simply for having fun? Well here’s a short list of websites worth taking a look at.


Have you ever wanted to type like a professional hacker to impress all of your friends? With Hackertyper you can pretend to be a professional hacker like in many movies.

2. 10minutemail

This website has the cool feature of generating a temporary e-mail address that will be valid for 10 minutes which you can use on websites if you don’t want to share your private information with that specific website you are visiting. This is also a great way of preventing spam in your mailbox.

3. Norsecorp

Norse maintains the world’s largest dedicated threat intelligence network. This website monitors nearly all ongoing hacking attacks around the world.

4. GTmetrix

If you own a website but it runs slow this website will scan your website and recommend you on optimising it even further. If you are a webpage creator this is definitely worth checking out.

5. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. This website might not work in all countries but it is definitely worth giving a try.

6. Kickassapp

This is a website made to destroy other websites with a little spaceship. It works by bookmarking the link of the big red button in the centre of the page that says “Launch Kickass”. It is perfect to pass time and dealing with being bored.

As you may have already noticed, there is plenty of content out there in any circumstances. Will there be any other innovative websites in future, or even now? Comment below for suggestions and please don’t forget to share :).


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