Spam is one of the main reasons for which people think twice before giving their email addresses to websites, but actually there are tools that can help you to fight spam.

We all know how spam mails suck. But actually, there is some permanent solutions to stop getting spam mails or at least limit them. Here’s a little list of different methods to fight spammers on your private mailbox.

Find the Source

information source scheme
Information source

The first thing that you should look on spam mails is the SOURCE. This will be most of the time an email address from which you won’t get replies so just don’t try to tell them to stop 😉 . These emails are very likely to be in control of robots which get email lists from advertisers and they send mails constantly. It’s also possible that spam mails come from an unrecognized sender with odd email addresses.

Report the spam

how to report email in gmail
report email with gmail

Minimizing the number of unsolicited emails to our inbox is a good thing, but why not make it great if we can lessen it for everyone else in the internet community? Simply direct spam to a spam reporting service site and they will do what is needed to prevent the spammer from spamming anyone else. Basically such a site would report to the hosting company of the email used by the spammer, where the hosting company would subsequently stop these spammers.

Use a distinct Email Account

mail generator fake
Example of a temporary fake email generator

One way to automatically channel your spam away from your inbox is to create one email address which we will only give out when we register online any products we buy or download. We’ll never know if these companies sell a database of the email addresses they collected to anyone else, including spammers. This kind of mail can be very easily created with fake mail generators.

In any case, this separate inbox will house all the advertisements and what-not which most of us wouldn’t want to see it on a regular basis. The original email address which you access daily can then be used for personal and work emails, with the amount of spam minimized (or directed away).

Disable HTML in Email

disable mail client HTML windows
Disable HTML in the windows settings menu for your mail client

For more advanced spam, the content can be written in HTML format and contain JavaScript programs that direct the user to an advertised page, thus successfully delivering what it was meant to deliver: the spam content. The more problematic spam could even contain web bugs and install spywares unknowingly to the user’s computer system. Viruses can also be transmitted via such means.

Most email programs today Microsoft Outlook offers the option of disabling HTML upon receipt of any of such email messages. It is a good idea to do that because this would prevent any unauthorized installation or activation of programs via what is embedded in the HTML content. Once we see that the sender and the plain text content seems suspicious enough to consider it a junk email, we can delete it before any damage is done.

Don’t Reveal Your Email

top secret mail
Top secret private mail

This is a smart tactic by spammers to find out whether email accounts are active. We have all come across official newsletters or advertisements where we have the option to unsubscribe to them if we do not wish to receive further emails from them. Just when we thought we have the choice of ‘unsubscribing’ to spam, the spammers make use of that to notify themselves whether our account is spam-worthy. This is a common trap setup of spammers. If you think of it, you will actually see that it is very smart!

What should we do then? Don’t reply to them at all. If we suspect that an email is a spam rather than a legitimate one, delete the message or report it as spam. When we don’t respond to such spam, spammers will treat it as the email account has not been in used for awhile and thus no one will read their spam. They will more likely to strike us off from the spam list and we might not receive any more from them. This is THE best way to stop these pesky mails from getting into your mailbox.

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