Technology is really growing fast, that’s why the market of tech startups have also seen a big change since 2008. Some of the latest technologies that are shown in some “science fiction” films such as retina eye scanners in your daily life or even a fully smart home. Well, I have an announcement for you today, it’s the Top tech trends that will change our lives in the next couple of years. We will talk about The Internet-of-Things (IoT) or “smart homes”, and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Technology of “Smart Homes”:

We all know that technology is entering from everywhere into our daily lives but did you ever think to control everything in your house from a smart device or an application? Well, this technology is called a “Smart Home”. It is in fact a network in your home that links different smart devices in your home, which gives you the possibility to control almost everything remotely. Of course you can’t do this today at your home, but it is known that there are a lot of prototypes going on and that there is a couple of lucky families that Beta-Test it! People also predict that this kind of tech will be adapted to our daily lives in a small amount of time.

Internet-of-Things (IoT):

The Internet of things is in fact when multiple smart devices connect together and form a “virtual network” which gives to the user the ability to control any device on that network. You can call this a “smart home” because this technology is growing very fast even though we don’t have it now in our daily lives, we know that it will be a big change when it will come out! So basically, you can control everything in your home via an application installed on your smart device (IPhone, Android or Tablet). “IoT” is now also one of the key elements in some science fiction films such as Ray Bradbury. Futurama or even the 90’s Disney Movie Smart House.

There’s already a number of smart home devices available out there, let’s see some of the best IoT devices:

BeOn Starter Pack:

This pack offers a multitude of smart bulbs for your IoT set. It is more than a remotely controllable light bulb, it power’s on when it’s dark, can turn on when they hear your doorbell or alarm and lastly, they can even memorise your typical lighting pattern for staying safe from burglars when you’re not at home!

Kuna Toucan:

This smart camera offers you great security by combining cleverness and design. It is comporting some extras that include 2 hours of free cloud storage. A good deal, for a good price…

Lutron Serena Shades:

Did you ever think that manually opening or closing shades was sometimes a waste of time and energy? Well, the Serena Shades will do the hard work for you. They provide a multitude of models including a variety of colours and different shade styles depending on what you prefer. Moreover, they provide ultra-quiet operation with cutting edge technology which means that you can control your shades from anywhere in the world with the app. While being easy to setup, it is a great choice for that price.

By the way, the “IoT” term doesn’t only mean a network between physical devices but also a connection between cars. For example, some new Ford models will include fully functional self-driving capabilities. Moreover, “there will be nearly 20.8 billion devices on the Internet-of-Things by 2020” according to Gartner Inc. while ABI predicts “more than 30 billion devices”.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

We all know Artificial Intelligence from films or magazines but we never though that it was possible a few years ago. But back then, we didn’t know about smartphones and now, people actually are making robots that talk and react. One of the best examples available to buy would be Cozmo by Anki which has reactions and can explore by itself. Artificial intelligence is the fact that a computer can “think” by itself, it is flexible and can learn by exploring. It should also have the ability to solve a problem.

AI will be entering in every part of our lives, maybe even without us knowing it:

  • Did you know that SIRI by Apple has in fact a kind of AI because it can learn the pronunciation of the user and can also learn words?
  • Some well-known First Person Shooter (FPS) PC games also introduce AI by adding the ability to a character to scan the environment to find objects like Far Cry and Call Of Duty.
  • Some big retailers such as Amazon and EBay also use AI to predict the level of interest of an individual user to an ad to give bigger chances to the user to click the ad. The proof of this system is that ads on a site that focuses on a subject has far more luck to be on that subject to get more clicks and revenue.
  • We all know the amount of chat boxes in supportive communities grow, but did you know that sometimes it’s a bot with AI that responds to you if it understands what you said, if not, then it commonly transfers you to a real person.

PS: A well known example of film that introduced AI is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.
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