With the development of new technologies and inventions for mobile computing, a lot of amazing new gadgets have came out on the market. We have made a top 10 list of the best IPhone gadgets on market that you can get in 2017. This list contains everything from battery life helping gadgets, special cases, accessories and more.

1. Cabin

Does your IPhone’s battery drain fast? Is your phone overloaded with apps that run in the background such as social networks that are important to you, then disabling the background apps will not be a solution for you, instead you should consider buying something like Cabin. It’s a case for your IPhone that is elegant, thin and affordable. These are what makes Cabin a great choice. Cabin isn’t like other cases that are difficult to mount, that make your elegant phone look ugly and that aren’t cheap.


2. Magbak

Magbak is another IPhone case that brings your phone some cool functionality, it allows users to attach you phone to many vital places such as on the front of your car to speak with someone or to play music. This functionality can help you a lot by keeping your hand free, this would allow you to do two tasks at the same time… Of course, before putting this in our top list, we’ve considered other cases that offered the same kind of functionality, but what puts Magbak apart is the fact that it is so thin. It is slightly thicker than 1 millimetre and this is smaller than the average iPhone cases that don’t even do something in particular.


3. Poppy

Did you ever want to take 3D pictures? If yes, then you have certainly seen how the prices of 3D cameras are, but believe it or not, there is a great accessory for your IPhone that can let you take 3D images directly through your phone! It’s called Poppy, it actually only uses optics to create a double image that can then be processed by your phone to get transformed for a 3D image. This means that your phone doesn’t need to power up a device so that your battery life remains intact.

Talking about 3D, here’s a great website that has tons of free 3D models, tutorials and more. Don’t hesitate to check it out!


4. SONICable

Almost all smartphone users agree on the fact that charging is a painful process. It really sucks when your phone doesn’t turn on when you need it the most, that’s why you should have SONICable. It’s is almost like your original charging cable but it is specially made for boosting your phone’s charging speed. For doing so, there’s a switch that enables fast charging mode for double charging speeds. Moreover, as a bonus, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.


5. Osmo Mobile

Did you want to record great, smooth and professional looking videos of your experiences? Osmo Mobile turns your smartphone into a smart motion camera, making every moment you shoot look smooth, professional and ready to share. Shoot cinematic videos anytime, or use its intelligent functions to track your subject, capture stunning motion timelapses or even stream a moment live around the globe. Two colors are available: Classic Black and Silver, so your Osmo Mobile can match your style.

ActiveTrack technology built into the DJI GO app allows the Osmo Mobile to automatically keep your smartphone facing you as you move. You no longer have to choose between recording a moment or taking part in it. Do both and share scenes from your life that people have never seen. You can even stream live your moments, for example in YouTube or Facebook.



Are you an IPhone 7 user? If YES, then you will love this! We all know how Apple removing the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack was a pity, even though we could buy an expensive adapter to listen to music. This would also mean that you couldn’t charge your IPhone at the same time that you were listening to your favourite music. but the innovative inventors of ILDOCK have found a quick solution for this problem. ILDOCK Convertor contains a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a lightning charging port, enabling you to listen to music and charge your iPhone at the same time!


Moreover, the plus version offers even more features including SD card and micro SD card slots for your IPhone 7:


7. SUKAR – Ultra iPhone 6/6S waterproof case

Here’s another cool case for your IPhone 6/6S that can bring you the cool functionality of the latest Samsung galaxy devices: Waterproof smartphones. The Ultra iPhone 6/6S waterproof case is made to go just about anywhere; with the ability to protect your iPhone from water, dirt, sand and snow. While most cases are tested to a depth of 6 ft, the producers went a little further and equipped their case to be able to descend to a depth of 8 ft! That is 25% deeper! It is fully compatible with the iPhone 6/6S TouchID function, speaker, headphone jack, buttons, sensors and cameras so that you don’t miss any feature while being waterproof.


8. PowerCliq

Are you sick of always losing your Bluetooth headset? Or maybe always losing the charger to your headset? PowerCliq is a new iPhone 6 case that solves these problems.

PowerCliq is the first iPhone 6 case that not only charges your Bluetooth headset, but also holds it in the same case as your phone! You will never again have to worry about losing either your headset or the charger.


The PowerCliq is the most convenient case you will ever own. With a fully-integrated Bluetooth 4.0 headset that literally “clicks” into the 2700mAh battery charging case, PowerCliq ensures your phone and headset are always charged and ready to go. To answer a call, simply click the headset out of the case. It’s as easy as, “Hello.”

The Smart Charge app determines when it’s best to charge your phone and case, protecting them both from overcharging.

9. PopSlate 2

Did you ever imagine having 2 screens on 1 phone? Well, Popslate gives you the power of connecting a second screen to your IPhone that is integrated to the back of it’s special charging case. Moreover, it isn’t very thick. Their legendary phrase that made them a total of $1,117,617 USD funds raised: “Put the back side of your phone to work with an e-Reader, smartwatch & battery case all in one. ” Not much more to say:

10. IDime

iPhones have become an integral part of our lives, consolidating all the STUFF we used to carry in our bags into one easy, pocket-able device. With new multimedia contents and mobile apps coming out every second, you need space–lots of it–to maximize productivity and enjoyment on your iPhone.

That is why they made IDime, the ultimate storage expansion solution for your iPhone. When they designed IDime, they wanted to improve upon all the existing ways in which you can get more space. And what good is extra space if you can’t share it? IDime offers the simplest way to share and manage all your files at really affordable pricing.

“With IDime, you can simply do more!” Here’s a little video about it in action:

Bonus: Prynt

Have you ever imagined if you could actually print a photo right from your IPhone case? Well, Prynt is a real revolution that brings the possibility to any user to print a coloured photo directly from your iPhone. The creators have made this product for those who prefer not to upload every photo to the internet or for those who believe that printed photos on paper are more meaningful to people than photos that are kept and forgotten on their phones. Here’s a beautiful 3d model of the product:


Hope you enjoyed our little list of the best gadgets for your IPhone, if you did, please take your time to share and tell us your suggestions for another gadget and thoughts about the ones in the list.

By the way, is it true? :


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