Hello, here, we’ve made for you a little list of the best, most interesting, time-eater and boredom killer websites. This list was made by looking at the overall rating of the website (design, content, originality, popularity). So let’s get started!

1. Vision Run

This website gets web design one step further by making a 3d CSS3 and HTML5 “runner game”. It is in fact a website that was a product promotion for glasses but it turned out to be very popular in France and got several web design awards. The game consists of having the right glasses at the right to time see and to finish the game in a limited time, moreover, if you can do it, you have a chance of winning glasses at their sponsors! Give it a try.

2. Faces Of Facebook

Are you a Facebook user? If yes, then this website will give you the possibility to prove you how Facebook is big by counting in real time the amount of faces on the popular social network. Moreover, you will have the possibility to choose a face from those billions of people and get directly to their Facebook profile! Be sure to check this out!

3. Touch Pianist

Now this one is really the most original site I’ve ever seen, because it gives you the sensation of playing the piano through you browser! Did you ever wanted to be a pianist but it was too difficult? Then this site is for you!

Here’s an other article for people interested about playing digital piano!


4. Lumosity – Brain Training

Do you want to put your brain to work? Well this site allow to do it through playing various types of games! Check it out for free now!

5. Upvoted

Do you like reddit, but you want the most interesting articles? Then this one is for you. This website makes a compact list of the most liked and interesting reddit articles and the best subjects. By the way, it recently changed it’s name to the “Reddit Blog”.

6. Notey

This website makes an automatic list of the best articles on the best websites of the day!

7. Bored Button

Bored Button is one of these websites that has only one button that redirects you to other interesting or funny websites, this will allow you kill your boredom.

8. Ello

Ello is a social network that get’s you the most interesting content and it’s even without ads! It also lists out the most trending things on the web.

9. Thinga

Thinga has search engine results for any kid (also for people that want to look out for funny things!), moreover it has a parent section in which you can monitor what you kid searches and it also guarantees you that the results for your kid is suitable for anyone!

10. Snapguide

Snap guide is another cool website in which you can learn how to do new things DIY and where you learn how to create cool content by yourself

BONUS: Forvo

Forvo is a website for all those people you want to learn a foreign language quickly by ear!

This website will show you the pronunciation of any word in more than 20+ languages!


PS: this list is not sponsored or whatsoever, so your only support would be to share it with your friends and comment!

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