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There isn’t only Tesla and Elon Musk who have interest in self-driving cars. The American car company Ford had already started his work in this sector and confirms it’s plans today. The president of the group Ford Mark Fields has stated on the platform of blogging Medium that Ford will now directly start to make new models on totally self-driving cars!

“Ford will be in measure of producing self-driving cars in 5 years time” mentioned the PDG of Ford.


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The company in fact wants to get things one step further; making a fully self-driving car that can be used publicly. Most people think that this choice will be, in the future, the main solution for other companies to continue producing cars because of it’s good security. At this moment, Ford is actually developing a prototype of this future car! Ford thinks that these vehicules will be firstly be in the interest of transport services, of merchandise and for companies such as Uber, who also work in the domain of self-driving cars. Ford thinks that using it’s long time experience as a producer of cars will be enough to be the first to use this type of technology on cars. Even though Tesla has announced that they will be putting their new technology in all their cars as of October 19 2016, Ford is seeming to put this technology in a more reasonable price than Tesla.


Mark Fields has mentioned that this technology change will effect alot the life of the population in the traffic!

The Tesla team also mentioned that “self-driving vehicules will play a crucial role in improving transportation safety and accelerating the world’s transition to a sustainable future.”

Tesla VS Ford

If we look a bit the Tesla models we can see that Tesla is designing a model that has eight surrounding cameras that provide 360 degree visibility while Ford hasn’t published any design details yet. The ont thing that we know about Ford is that they are planning to put a sensor system in their cars to see how people travel. We also know that Ford has started to test it’s prototypes in “virtual environments”. Tesla has published a video that shows how the sensors interact with the environment and it’s really excitig to watch! You an see the steering wheel turning by itself, the ar even stop when theres objects in it’s trajectory and can park itself.


Are YOU excited about this new technology? Comment below!


Hope you enjoyed, see you soon!





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