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What is nikto, how to use it?

Description of Nikto : Nikto is an Open Source (GPL) web server scanner which performs comprehensive tests against web servers for multiple items, including over 6700 potentially dangerous files/programs, checks for outdated...
aircrack-ng finding passwords


Description: Aircrack-ng is an 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK keys cracking program that can recover keys once enough data packets have been captured. It implements the standard FMS attack along with some optimizations...
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Description: Airodump-ng is a network scanning and auditting tool while it can capture files to be, after analysed with wireshark. Installation: It is part of the group of the subtools of the aircrack-ng script...
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Metasploit Unleashed Hardware RequirementsAll values listed are estimated or recommended. You can get away with less although performance will suffer.Hard Drive SpaceYou will need to have at minimum 10 gigabytes of...
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what’s the Matrix?

Matrix  Matrix is an open protocol for real-time communication. It is designed to allow users with accounts at one communications service provider to communicate with users of a different service provider via...