Have you ever owned a mac and always felt separated from the world of gaming? If yes – then we’ve got good news for you! Until now, getting external GPUs to add some power to your Windows computers wasn’t difficult if someone had the right tools and knowledge. However, the same couldn’t be said for Apple users as they had no choice but to stick with their inbuilt (quite bad from the graphical chip point of view, most of the time) specifications.

Finally, Apple released a new update for these Mac users to the get Windows-like ability to support external GPUs through Thunderbolt 3 by default. As you could have already heard, the advantage of the Thunderbolt technology is its speed and in particular, its power. These characteristics allow you to play your favourite games and do some video editing from your Mac’s own CPU processor combined with an external GPU. Apple also brought attention to the VR functionality that this change could potentially bring. (Who knows? – Maybe Apple is planning to bring VR accessories??)

Limitations, limitations and limitations…

Now here’s the bad part; we all know Apple for its unnecessary limitations, both in hardware and in software. Unfortunately, these limitations also apply in this case scenario… Apple only added official support for a small selection of cards, which made clear that they are still trying to limit users from getting too far away from their “ecosystem”. On the bright side, this hopefully doesn’t mean that Geforce cards aren’t supported but means that buyers need to make some research for users experimenting with the cards they want to buy.

Lastly, Mac users that regularly use Bootcamp to user windows on their Macs are left down. Even in MacOS Sierra, the external GPU functionality needs to be enabled by the app developers.

To sum up, most people won’t see this as a big update, however for some, it may be a deal-breaker. Generally-speaking, I think that this is a great first step from Apple to try and break those limitations and bring already popularized technology to their own niche user community. It’s also safe to say that Apple is still developing its newly-released software to make it as stable as possible and that we are looking forward to seeing other software updates built to cooperate with already existing hardware technologies like Thunderbolt 3. What do you think? Comment below and don’t forget to share to help us!


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