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Your iCloud password is in danger: a hacker group demands Apple to pay

Hey everyone, today, we are going to talk about the most important security issue of your apple iCloud account at this moment: Your password may be in danger!Apple has received a ransom that claimed that a hacker group had access to over 800 million...

Latest leaks and rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8!

Today I announce you that we have a big pack of leaks about the new upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8! The news has really gone viral in a lot of social networks and news websites (such as Tech Radar). Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date: The latest rumors confirm...

Top 5 amazing tech inventions

Introduction: Welcome, today we will talk about some of the most amazing tech inventions in 2016-2017! As we know, 2016 was an amazing year in terms of different inventions that would change our daily lives, but there's more! The CES 2017 has also offered amazing...

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