We all know that mind-reading is something that people think as impossible. Bot you know what? THINK AGAIN! The well known social media Facebook confirmed it’s starting to develop some of the most advanced technology yet for a social media; mind-reading!

We all are able to imagine that this technology might be extremely privacy abusing and dangerous because of the fact that it can read your mind and directly send it to the web! This was confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg – the founder of Facebook during the F8 developer conference in San Jose. He also made clear that this will be a “Direct Brain Interface” that will “Allow users to communicate only using their minds”.

The founder of Facebook had also announced that future versions of Facebook will give the ability to a user to capture a thought in its perfect form and share that with the world, this can be seen in both ways, terrifying or inspiring… While talking about it’s potential privacy problems, some think that this is another method for Facebook displaying more targeted advertising which means more money for Facebook!

What a brain-computer interface does is basically giving the ability to humans to community with both other people and machines without any type of input (verbal or physical).

This technology hasn’t only attracted Facebook but other big organisations such as the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency  (also known as DARPA) which is reportedly developing a neural interface that would have the same functionality. At the same time, other projects such as the Elon Musk’s Neuraling project tries to merge computers with human brains to combine our own interlligence with AI (Artificial Intelligence).

On the 18th of April, a group of Japanese scientists are known for having made a significiant development for a working brain-computer interface by creating a machine that can recognize numbers and syllables by connecting to the brain activity.

We don’t know yet when Facebook’s new technology will come to life, even though some job listings are available for developing this kind of technology. We can estimate it to come out in a few years (2 years or so), until then, it seems that your mind is safe for now!

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