Since the launch of the iPhone X, people have been amazed by the full-screen display and that awful ‘notch’ trend. But I do honestly believe that Apple’s most innovative move wasn’t that of the screen (since it’s manufactured by Samsung anyway), but how the navigation system works. Even if a lot of people said that it took quite a while to get used to the gesture-based input system, it was worth the time. After getting the hang of it, you could literally glide through apps like never before. Side note: It seems that they could’ve done a better job for the gesture to go to the notifications and quick-settings.

Since the recent launch of Android P in beta version of a limited number of smartphones (here’s the full list of supported devices at the time of writing), it’s a well-known fact that Android P will introduce quite a punch of new, innovative features such as tools that’ll help limit the time stuck staring at your screen during the day. But it’s biggest feature will be the death of the legendary navigation buttons.

The introduction of a new way of navigation has always been a difficult task to popularize, since humans are known to have something against change. But this time around, the change seemed too obvious to deny, since the competition (mainly Apple) had took the lead. Some may hate over Google for what they’ve done and keep on saying that they are copycats, however, this might have been a good move. Here are some reasons why:


  • Since gestures don’t need any buttons to work, it helps the screen-estate to be even bigger. This, combined with bezel-less designs can surely make great combinations for interesting designs.
  • More natural to use: even if it takes some time to get used to, you won’t need to think about which button’s where, you’ll do gestures more naturally.


  • Gets some time to get used to
  • Big fingered people might have some problems using it. (aka. keyboard)
  • Accidental triggers are more often, as it can be activated from the same part of the screen that has content on it.

On paper, opinions are a bit mixed, but we’ll have to wait for a stable version to come out to do the final verdict.

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